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Real world examples of usage of the PROPEL steroid-releasing implants to improve sinus surgery outcomes and reduce the need for revision surgery.1,2

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The Iceberg Effect in Chronic Sinusitis

A case-study based discussion led by Dr. David Conley and Dr. Samer Fakhri, highlighting the options for management of inflammation in CRS.

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Preserving Frontal Sinus Patency

Dr. Ameet Singh and Dr. Roheen Raithatha lead a case study-based discussion on the latest clinical evidence to maintaining frontal sinus patency.

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Ethmoid Sinus Surgery with PROPEL implants

Video case study highlighting 4-month outcomes following ethmoid sinus surgery in revision surgery patient.

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Frontal Sinus Surgery with PROPEL Mini Implants

Case study comparing outcomes of frontal sinus surgery with PROPEL Mini sinus implant versus surgery alone. See the 30-day and 1 year outcomes.

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PROPEL Mini placement in Frontal & Ethmoid Sinus

An example of placement technique for deploying PROPEL Mini implant in frontal and ethmoid sinus.

The PROPEL sinus implants are indicated to maintain patency and locally deliver steroid to the sinus mucosa in patients ≥18 years of age after sinus surgery: PROPEL for the ethmoid sinus, PROPEL Mini for the ethmoid sinus/frontal sinus opening, and PROPEL Contour for the frontal/maxillary sinus ostia. Contraindications include patients with intolerance to mometasone furoate (MF) or hypersensitivity to bioabsorbable polymers. Safety and effectiveness of the implant in pregnant or nursing females have not been studied. Risks may include, but are not limited to, pain/pressure, displacement of the implant, possible side effects of intranasal MF, sinusitis, epistaxis, and infection. Rx only.

1 Kennedy DW, Wright ED, Goldberg AN. Laryngoscope. 2000; 110(S94):29-31.
2 Kennedy DW. Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine. 2012; 6(5):493-498.

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