Small But Mighty Sinus Implant

PROPEL Mini, a smaller version of PROPEL, offers the same drug dose and clinical benefits as PROPEL. Physicians can now offer localized drug delivery to patients undergoing frontal sinus surgery with less extensive surgery and smaller anatomy, allowing more sinus sufferers to benefit from the only products in sinus surgery backed by Level 1-A evidence which improves sinus surgery outcomes.1

propel mini logoPROPEL Mini is the first and only product clinically proven to improve frontal sinus surgery outcomes.2 Its lower profile and curved delivery system offer precise, consistent, and easy placement.

The PROPEL Mini dissolvable sinus implant props the frontal or ethmoid sinus open while releasing an advanced corticosteroid (mometasone furoate) directly to the sinus over 30 days post-surgery. Results show that PROPEL Mini is superior to surgery alone, reducing the need for oral steroids and additional surgical procedures.3,4

PROPEL Mini sinus implant expanded

PROPEL Mini Maintains Frontal Sinus Opening Following Sinus Surgery

PROGRESS Study: An 80-patient prospective, randomized, blinded, controlled trial, evaluated outcomes of frontal sinus surgery using balloons and/or traditional instruments with PROPEL Mini compared to the standard care, surgery alone.5

PROPEL mini progress study

PROPEL Mini Sinus Implant Product Details

  • Indicated for the Ethmoid and Frontal Sinuses
  • Same Drug Dose and Elution Profile as PROPEL
  • 16mm Nominal Length
U.S. Instructions for Use
EU Instructions for Use

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PROPEL Sinus Implants

We have compiled resources to help physicians and patients better understand how the PROPEL steroid-releasing implant works to improve sinus surgery outcomes.

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The PROPEL sinus implant is intended for use following ethmoid sinus surgery to maintain patency. PROPEL Mini is intended for use following ethmoid or frontal sinus surgery to maintain patency. The implants are intended for use in patients ≥18 years of age. Contraindications include patients with intolerance to mometasone furoate (MF) or a hypersensitivity to bioabsorbable polymers. Safety and effectiveness of the implant in pregnant or nursing females has not been studied. Risks may include pain/pressure, displacement of implant, and possible side effects of intranasal MF. The most common adverse events in clinical studies were sinusitis, headache, epistaxis and bronchitis. For complete prescribing information see IFU at Rx only.