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08Mar, 2017

Intersect ENT Submits New Drug Application to FDA for Office-Based RESOLVE Steroid Releasing Implant for Recurrent Chronic Sinus Disease

25Oct, 2016

The new device that helps sinus patients breathe easier

CBS | Philadelphia, PA

11Oct, 2016

Casey is visiting with Dr. Gerencer and his patient

KOB4 | Albuquerque, NM

26Aug, 2016

Medical device available in WNY helps patients with chronic sinusitis

WIVB | Buffalo, NY

29Dec, 2015

Health Check: Fighting chronic sinusitis

Channel 12 | Maple Grove, MN

28Jul, 2015

Stent Surgery Make Sinus Surgery More Comfortable

Fox News | New York, NY

02Jul, 2015

Allergies vs Chronic Sinusitis

Fox News | Charlotte, NC

29Apr, 2015

Eight on your side: Sinus Surgery

WGAL | Susquehanna Valley, PA

27Mar, 2015

Young woman gets relief from sinusitis with surgery and stent

Fox News| Kansas City, MO

10Mar, 2015

Doctor hails medical breakthrough that could offer relief to chronic sinusitis patients

4 Action News | Overland Park, KS

06Mar, 2015

Medical device can help relieve pain of Sinusitis

KTVI | St. Louis, MO

08Feb, 2015

New Treatment to Help Extreme Sinus Sufferers

Time Warner Cable News | Greensboro, NC

04Feb, 2015

Common cold or sinusitis

WJXT | Jacksonville, FL

24Jan, 2015

Doctor talks about relief for sinusitis

WYFF4 | Easley, SC

07Jan, 2015

New Help For Millions Of People Who Suffer With Chronic Sinus Infections

CBS | Philadelphia, PA

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